Table Place Mats

Personalized table place mats.
They are for daily use, bring personality to your table and are made from a natural and ecological material!

1. Choose the format

Whether for a coffee shop or a restaurant, or in another sector, you can guarantee the increase of brand awareness by choosing the format of your table place mat. Rectangular, square, round or even in the shape of a logo or any other element of the brand. The choice is up to the customer!

2. Make sure the surface is clean

Choose the perfect size to ensure it protects your tables or counters from food or drink stains. With the cork place mats, you will have a durable and resistant item.

3. Customize it to your taste

You can make this merchandising item a highlight of a table with games for the youngest, with a restaurant menu or simply with a logo and visual elements of the business in question. Have you thought of all the possibilities? Be creative!