Custom-made notebooks.

They are one of the promotional products that companies should have when they receive customer visits or have a meeting.

Using notebooks with your company name or logo conveys confidence and professionalism!

1. Choose the format

A4, A5 or A6. Choose the notebook’s format to be able to incorporate the brand’s visual identity.

2. Choose the cover and the print

Since a notebook can be taken anywhere where many people can come into contact with the brand, choose the print that suits the brand’s purpose perfectly!

Whether it’s a logo, a company name, a photographor a phrase, the choice is yours.

3. Decide how many sheets you want the notebook to have

On busy days, writing down on a pad the tasks we have to do can be invaluable. In addition, we can write down an idea, a topic to discuss at a meeting, a note, or even the shopping list. There are many uses intended for a cover with leaves, which can always be at hand.

So decide on the number of sheets so you don’t lack space for your notes!