Cardboard Boxes

Minimalist and personalized cardboard boxes.
Take your product to your customer in an eco-friendly and personalized solution! Discover our packaging proposals for products manufactured on our production line and create an unique unboxing experience.

1. For eco-friendly brands

Made with recycled material, our boxes ensure safety and rigidity typical of kraft paper or recycled cardboard. Emphasize the brand’s commitment to the environment!

2. Make sure there is enough space for your product

Choose the size of the box you want to deliver to your customers.

3. The first impression is what counts

Packaging is the first contact between the consumer and the product. Therefore, add visual elements that reinforce the brand identity and that align with the business goals, in order to create a pleasant surprise for those who receive your package. It may even cause an extra surprise when printing inside the box. Say thanks or say something that makes your customer feel like they’ve opened something special.

4. Select the type of paper

Whether it’s kraft or recycled paper, your choice is guaranteed to be of FSC origin.