100% customizable cotton bags.
Reference pieces produced with organic cotton, reusable, durable and fully customizable. From handles to label, from weight to print type. We don’t impose barriers on your needs.

1. Choose the bag model

We have several models of bags available to choose from. With or without bellows, normal or reversible, with or without zipper, straps or cords. The choice is entirely yours!

2. Choose the weight

Choose the bag’s weight, which ranges from 130 to 500 grams/sqm. Made of cotton, organic cotton or jute.

3. Select the color

No color limits. At your choice and measure!

4. Choose the printing technique

Choose between screen printing, transfer, DTG… And front, back or allover printing. Customize the bag with a logo or branding elements adding value to your product and your campaign.

5. Decide the details

You can choose the type of label you want, extra elements such as a zipper, the color of the straps, among other possibilities.