Aprons full of personality.
Our custom-made aprons promise more fun in the kitchen! They are an excellent advertising item to offer to culinary enthusiasts and to promote the catering businesses. Whether at kitchen conferences, private events or even at your premises, with this article you will guarantee a good promotion of your brand!

1. Choose the model that suits you

You can choose between short, long and breasted aprons, with or without pockets and with or without adjustable straps.

2. Choose the material

Have you ever thought about the material you want the apron to be made of? You can choose between cotton, polyester, denim and even synthetic leather. And better… combine more than one material! The hard part is choosing.

3. Choose the weight

Choose the raw material you choose, the third step is to define the weight. Your apron can have between 130 to 300gr/sqm.

4. Select the color

Select the color of the apron, as well as the color of the possible pockets and straps.

5. Decide the printing technique

Take personalization to another level by adding branding elements.