Clutch Bags

Customizable clutches to take with you everywhere
It is one of the most popular merchandising items and it is perfect for storing your cards, medicines or cosmetic products!

1. Choose the bag material

Clutch bags in cotton, organic cotton, seaqual, jute or even knit. Choose the raw material that best identifies with the brand!

2. Decide the weight

Decide the clutch bag weight from 130 to 500 grams/sqm.

3. Shape the article

With or without bellows, normal or reversible. Choose at your measure!

4. Select the color

Color your article without any barriers from our side!

5. Choose the printing technique

Double-sided or allover printing. As it is an accessory for everyday use, you will want to customize it with any element of the brand. Don’t miss out on this solution that is guaranteed to help the brand gain more visibility!